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The dream for SBDL is an open-source forum where members post projects they're working on, comment on other's projects and suggest new endeavors. As membership grows everyone will have access to information from other fields: biochemistry, mechanical engineering, sociology, landscape architecture, architecture, art, computer science,etc. From this platform we begin to collaborate, innovate and submit projects to various competitions and publications as a collective. One day it may evolve into something where SBDL could start taking on commercial projects but the focus is on the interaction.This organization is intended to be something that people can be a part of in addition to whatever program or job they're currently associated with.

Why Source?

I am fascinated by the concept of source. A source refers to a number of phenomena from which one learns, receives, or is guided or controlled. While working towards my degree I pursued many internship opportunities such as working with Architects Without Boarders to design a rainforest museum in the Cloud Forest of Peru. The museum was designed according to full life-cycle analysis, with the intention that the construction would be performed by the locals using local materials. This is an attempt to engage the local population and educate them on the importance of sustainable income. I also had the fortune to spend a semester in Turkey where I combined my architectural studies with cultural explorations. One project used digital mapping algorithms to analyze the programmatic nature of the historic district in Izmir, and use this information to design a building that related to the context programmatically as well as aesthetically.
- Nels Long